What is WVSTA?

As an organization, WVSTA is keenly interested in advocating for best practices in science education – those practices which enhance the lives of our students and promote scientific literacy among them. WVSTA takes an activist role in seeing that such practices be broadly adopted and supported across West Virginia.

WVSTA is a statewide organization that has provided for or supported many of the professional development needs of teachers of science in West Virginia for over 30 years. Starting from humble beginnings with 60 motivated science teachers in 1985, our organization has grown into the forum for science education reform in West Virginia, including the development of regional Science-Mathematics Consortia all over the state. Our members include Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School and College teachers as well as Informal Education, Business and Technical Professionals.

Members of WVSTA are leaders in the field of science teaching. Many members have gone on to receive:

Other members have gone on to represent West Virginia in other professional organizations, such as the

Many members have also served on state-wide committees that address science curriculum standards and materials, and assessment practices. As a result of our broad constituency and demonstrated excellence of our members, WVSTA is well positioned to represent the breadth and depth of science education in West Virginia.

If you wish to read our constitution, it can be found here:  WVSTA Constitution